Home Energy Accessories

There are many different tools and accessories that can help you in energy savings. Here are some accessories that we recommend for residential energy conservation.

  • Programmable Thermostat – Using programmable thermostats can lead to considerable savings on your energy bills. Humidifiers are a great way to keep your home from drying out when your heat continuously is running.
  • Attic Tent – An access door from your home into your attic can hinder your home’s energy efficiency. An attic tent is an insulated covering devise that covers the attic access door. Covering the attic door will provide insulation, save energy and permit unrestricted access to the attic.
  • Light guards – Popular recessed lighting looks nice, but it can lower your home’s energy efficiency. Recessed lighting can create gaps in your attic insulation. Covering the back ends of can lights with insulation is against building codes and can causes your lights to overheat and be a fire risk. Light guards are covers that can be installed inside your attic over the recessed lighting gaps. This is a safe method to reduce energy loss caused by recessed lighting.
  • Water heater blanket – You can reduce energy loss and save around 4%-9% in water heating cost by ensuring your water heater’s storage is well insulated. Determining if your water heater needs a blanket to add insulation and installing a water heater blanket takes only a few minutes.
  • Baffles – Baffles hold and secure loose insulation from interfering with your attic’s soffit vents. An attic requires steady and natural ventilation. Good air flow is vital to lengthen the life of your roof. Appropriate attic ventilation stops ice damming in the winter and decreases heat buildup in the summer. The baffles hold back the insulation, and allows air to enter the attic and travel through exhaust vents.