What is Heat Bleed?

Heat Bleed is the result of energy loss caused by inadequate home insulation, air leakage, outdated HVAC systems, old appliances, inefficient windows and doors, and other factors.

One common sign of the problem is a room that’s too cold in winter (a result of heat transfer from the inside of the house to the outside). The same condition leads to rooms that are too hot in summer. And if your utility bill seems uncommonly high? Chances are good you’ve got Heat Bleed.

So, those monthly heating and cooling bills that your paying a lot for…that money is often wasted as a result of heat bleed.

Though the problem is epidemic in homes built before 1990, virtually any house can be subject to some degree of Heat Bleed. The average U.S. home loses as much energy as it would if it had a 30” hole in its wall, year round. And according to the Harvard University School of Public Health, the United States loses more than $5.9 billion dollars worth of energy to Heat Bleed each year.